Walking Tour #1: Part 6

Self-Help to Cinco Puntos

Below, on First Street, you’ll be walking east toward Gage. First Street is not as prosperous as the commercial stretches of Whittier, which seeks to be a Miracle Mile Wilshire of the Eastside, and the 1960s facades and architectural ornamentation along First are in need of renovation and repair. Walking along First, you can see these blocks haven’t changed much in these past half century (in spite of the Blockbuster video store newly opened on Cesar Chavez, First Street looks to retain that post World War II mid-20th century vibe). The intricate mosaic murals of Home Savings at Townsend and First Streets mimicked the heroic style of the Mexican muralists, and after the closure of Home Savings, now grace of the facade of the ‘Pan American Bank’.

Site #7, the First Street Store, 3640 First Street, also has murals dating back to 1974 that follow the heroic style and themes of the Mexican mural movement. After scanning those sombrero’d campesinos and revolutionaries in their struggles for justice, proceed east a block or so Gage Avenue, and turn left (north) a couple blocks on Gage to return to your starting point at Self-Help Graphics. Thence to return to the world of cars.


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