Walking Tour #1: Part 5

Self-Help to Cinco Puntos

Site #6, El Mercado (at Lorena and First Street), a traditional Mexican urban market, is worth a walk through even if you don’t throw your money away. First floor booths and stalls offer CDs, toys, Virgen de Guadalupe portraits, plaster popes and leather goods such as ostrich skin casual shoes and snakeskin or alligator cowboy boots which shopgirls will invite you to check out. Stairwells at the corners of the building ascend to second floor eateries offering seafood and regional specialties, filled with families on weekends. The second floor also has a grocery store with fresh Mexican herbs like El Super, and rows of stalls stacked with containers and open sacks of food ingredients. If you brought a date, take them upstairs to the third floor restaurants and join the couples enjoying dining and drinks, accompanied by live mariachi music on weekend afternoons and evenings.


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