Walking Tour #1: Part 3

Self-Help to Cinco Puntos

Site #3, Morin Memorial Square, actually a triangle, at the intersection of Lorena, Indiana and Cesar Chavez, two flagless flagpoles and a plaque commemorating Raul Morin, “Author – Soldier – Patriot,” 1913 – 1967. Chihuahuas celebrate his memory by mating here under the benches.

Site #4, the 1946 Comite Civico Cultural Pro Raza 1946 Memorial for the sacrifices of Mexican-American veterans of World War II.

This ‘square’ on the south side of Cesar Chavez is across the street from Site #3, and besides the pillar memorializing Chicano vets, it also includes possibly the ugliest war memorial monument in existence, the “Armed Forces Time Capsule” which you must take a closer look at to appreciate.


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