Walking Tour #1: part 2

Self-Help to Cinco Puntos

From Self-Help Graphics walk west on Cesar Chavez for about ten or fifteen minutes to Cinco Puntos, or Five Points, where Cesar Chavez is bisected by both Lorena and Indiana Streets. Strolling along a pleasant morning with the sun at your back, or on a breezy winter afternoon with the brilliant sun on your face, take in the boisterous voices of the neighborhood, kids playing, families walking the sidewalk or sitting in their yards or on their porches, with family businesses purveying everything from hardware to auto parts, glazing to hair care, and if you need one, you can get a haircut for $5 or perhaps a DVD of the latest movie from a kid selling bootlegs on the sidewalk in front of the supermarket. There are taco stands and taco trucks which might be among the best in town, but save your appetite, if you can, for later. At Cinco Puntos you’ll see El Super supermarket on your right.

Site #2, El Super, 3405 Cesar E. Chavez Avenue.

This large Mexican supermarket includes a tortilleria where you can purchase fresh masa or fresh tortillas, fresh herbs including epazote, and a deli counter that offers ceviche or various kinds of fresh salsa instead of macaroni or chicken salad.


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